When working with hundreds or thousands of contacts, use these best practices to save time and keep track of what your clients are interested in.

Add tags to contact profiles

A great way to keep track of your clients' interests is to add tags to their profiles. Tags function like your own custom data points and are very versatile. Galleries and artists that diligently tag both their contacts and their artwork are able to quickly and easily match up clients with artwork they may be interested in.

You might want to tag your contacts with the names of artists they're interested in, the types of artwork they like, or any other words or phrases. All that matters is that it makes sense to you!

The Tags section in your contacts' profiles:

In the future, search your contacts by tags when you're trying to identify which clients might be interested in a given piece or artwork or in a show:

Use lists to keep track of artwork your clients may be interested in

Another great way to keep track of your clients' interests is to create lists of artwork they either have expressed an interest in or that you think they may like. 

Like tags, quicklists are incredibly versatile and you can create as many as you like. Learn how to create a quicklist here.

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