Adding tags to your inventory, artists, and contacts allows you to fully uncover the power of artcloud!

Think of tags as your own custom data fields, in addition to the standard data fields artcloud supplies you with. Tags make it easier to search for and organize inventory, artists, and contacts according to your own needs and preferences, allowing you to operate your business more efficiently.

You can add tags to inventory, artist, and contact records one at a time, but you can also use the batch edit functionality to add the same tag(s) to multiple inventory, artist, or contact records at the same time.

Tags for Inventory

When adding inventory to artcloud, you have the option to include as many tags as you like for each item in your inventory.

Tags you may want to add to inventory items:

  • type / genre of artwork
  • colors used
  • shows or exhibitions the artwork will be in
  • artwork you want to display on your artcloud website

Tags for Artists

You can also tag your artists when adding them to your artcloud database.

Tags you may want to add to artist profiles:

Tags for Contacts / Clients

Finally, you'll want to tag your contacts and clients so you can easily find them.

Tags you may want to add to contact profiles:

  • artwork or artists they're interested in
  • shows they may be interested in
  • VIP / top clients
  • corporate clients
  • designers who use artwork from your gallery¬†
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