To set up a consignment, look for the Consignment tab under the Inventory section, then click the Create Consignment button.

The most important piece of information you'll want to include is the recipient's email address. You can also indicate the dates of the consignment, as well as any terms.

Next, head to Artwork tab to add items to the consignment. Click on the black Add Artwork button, and you'll be able to select pieces from your inventory.

Be sure to hit the Save button when you are finished!

Back in your Consignments page, you'll see that the status of the consignment has been set to Draft. You still have the opportunity to edit the consignment.

When you are ready to send it off, look for the Actions tab and select Send.

Note that after you have sent your consignment you will not be able to edit it.

Once the recipient has approved the consignment, the status will change to Accepted. If the recipient of your consignment has an artcloud account, s/he will then be able to see those items in their artcloud inventory.

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