For clients who don't step into your gallery or studio to purchase artwork, artcloud's remote pay capabilities make it easy for them to pay for their purchase.

You'll need to enroll with Stripe, artcloud's payment processing partner, to enable remote pay for your clients.

The Remote Pay tool allows you to send Open invoices to clients to complete payment by either:

  • Sharing a payment link or
  • Emailing the invoice through the artcloud

To start, go into an invoice and click the drop-down menu on the top right to see a list of options.

Share an invoice with a payment link

The share link allows you to send an invoice by generating a unique URL/link for that invoice that you can then copy, paste, and send to the client.

Once your client clicks on the link, s/he will to view the invoice and pay the outstanding amount.

Take a look at a sample invoice sent via share link.


You can also email the invoice directly to your client via artcloud by selecting Email to contact from the drop-down menu. When your client gets the invoice, s/he will be able to pay for their artwork by clicking on a link at the bottom of the email.

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