When working with client or contact records, you'll notice that there are both Owner and Origin fields.

Owner: the gallery representative assigned to the client

In the Owner field, you'll see a list of all the staff members associated with your account and be able select the person assigned to that client.

Keep in mind that only the admin or primary user on the account can change the owner for an existing client. When staff members add clients to artcloud, the system will automatically list that person as the owner.

By noting which staff member is working with which clients, you can better understand how effective each person on your team is and calculate how much revenue each person has brought to the gallery.

Origin: find out where your best clients come from

Take your business to the next level by always indicating an origin for each client.

Use the origin field to keep track of where you met the client -- maybe they were referred by another client, attended a recent exhibition, found you through your website, stopped by your booth at an art show, or simply walked in the gallery.

When adding the origin, be sure to be as specific as possible. Origin works like tags, so you can add as many as you like.

For example, if you hostly a yearly exhibition, you may want to create two separate origin tags indicating the exhibition name and the year. Similarly, if you attend a yearly show, you'll want to note the name of the show as well as the year. If it's a referral, note that it was a referral as well as the name of the referring client.

Over time, you'll notice trends in where your best clients come from. When analyzing your sales reports, you'll want to get a sense of the origin of your revenue and this data at the client level will help you do that.

Then, use that information to get more clients -- not just any clients, but the ones who actually purchase artwork from you!

Example of origin tags:

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