When adding artwork to artcloud, you'll notice one of the first data fields is Edition Type, with options for Original, Limited, or Unlimited editions.

Once you've selected either Limited or Unlimited as the Edition Type, you'll see more information appear below.

Limited Editions

When selecting Limited Editions, you'll see fields for both the Edition Number and the Edition Count. The number you put in the Edition Count box indicates the total number of available editions; this is the number you'll see as the denominator or bottom number in an edition count.

For example, with an edition count of 50, editions will be titled:

Artwork Title (1/50)
Artwork Title (2/50)
and so on.

To add an edition, click on the black Add Edition button, and you will be taken to a new edition record. When adding editions, artcloud will automatically number them in chronological order and use the same price, but you can change the edition number, price, size, etc. for each edition. Learn more about managing editions here.

Keep in mind that you can add an edition from any other edition record.

Unlimited Editions

When selecting Unlimited Editions, you'll see a field for the Edition Number only. Just as with Limited Editions, you can add a new edition from any other record.

Next up: learn how to manage information about individual editions.

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