When working with your inventory, it can be helpful to subdivide hundreds or thousands of items into lists. In artcloud, we call these Quicklists.

Beyond helping you organize your inventory, use Quicklists to:

  • keep track of artwork a client is interested in so you can follow up with them later on
  • generate wall tags for new inventory items
  • manage exhibitions or shows
  • determine what artwork is displayed on your artcloud website

To create a Quicklist, head over to your Inventory and look for the Quicklists tab; then select Create Quicklist.

From there, you'll name your list and determine its type (Exhibition, Private Show, or List).

Then, head to the Artwork tab and click the black Add Artworks button. Then select the artwork you want to include in the list.

You can select artwork one by one, or search for artwork according to artist, medium, location, tags, or more.

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