One of the first things you'll want to do when setting up your new website it to think about its overall structure -- in other words, what pages and subpages should make up your website?

By default you'll see a few different types of pages in your site builder: Artists/Artwork, Exhibitions, and Contact. These are some of the most common elements of gallery and artist websites, and are just a starting point for you.

Pro Tip: As you're thinking about the structure of your website, a best practice is to keep your main navigation menu fairly simple, with no more than 5-6 tabs.

Why? Remember that many of your website visitors will be on their smartphones or tablets, which have much smaller screens than a computer. It's not a great user experience to have to shuffle through a main navigation that is really long when you're on a small screen. It can be confusing for visitors and could cause them to leave your website prematurely if they get frustrated.

An example of a clean, easy-to-use main navigation menu for a gallery website:

Creating a new page is easy, just hit the blue New Page button:

Now, give your new page a name and check the blue box to add it to the navigation menu:

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