Once you've gotten your website set up, you'll want to set it live. There are a few things you need to do.

Step 1: Enter your domain name in the Advanced Settings tab

To get started, type your domain name into the Custom URL field under your website's Advanced Settings tab. Do NOT include the www at the beginning.

Step 2: Update your DNS record

Next, you'll need to log into your domain provider (ie: GoDaddy) and update your DNS record. This will tell your domain provider where to 'find' your website.

To update your DNS records, all you need to do is input the information you see in your Advanced Settings tab for either the A record or C name.

Step 3: Activate your website integration in your artcloud account settings

Finally, you'll need to let us know that you're ready to activate your site by toggling on the website integration in your artcloud Account Settings, under the Subscription tab.

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