When setting up an Artists page on your website, you can decide whether to feature all artists or only certain artists.

To adjust which artists show up, look for the Show All Artists setting, and click Edit to make changes.

Show all artists on your website

By default, artcloud shows all artists.

Show only certain artists on your website

To show only certain artists on your website, you'll first want to add a tag to their profiles -- maybe something like website.

Remember that you can save time by batch editing artists' profiles, so there's no need to add the tag one artist at a time.

Back in the website builder, you can choose to show only those artists with a certain tag on your site:

Why isn't an artist showing up on my site?

Regardless of whether you want all or some of your artists featured, in order for an artist to show up on your artcloud website, s/he must:

  • Have a cover image associated with their profile
  • Have at least one piece of inventory opted in to the website (remember that you can batch edit inventory to opt multiple pieces of artwork in at the same time!)

If an artist isn't on your website and you think they should be, double check to make sure that they have a cover image and and at least one piece of inventory opted in to the website.

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