Under your Pages tab, you'll notice one of the ready-made pages is called Home; this is where you'll customize the images on your website homepage.

Add your featured images

You can upload one or more featured images on your website homepage. Viewers will be able to scroll through these images on your site, like a slideshow. 

You'll want to play around with the images as well as the themes to choose the combination you like best.

Many galleries and artists choose featured images of their gallery or studio, artists, and artwork -- just remember that these images are the first thing your website visitors will see, so you want them to convey something about you!

Pro Tip: Keep the focus on the center of the image.

artcloud's website builder utilizes responsive design, which means your homepage images will adjust depending on viewers' screen sizes. You should select images where the focal point is near the center; otherwise, it may get cut off on smaller screens. Learn more about how your images will resize and why responsive web design is a best practice.

Decide whether to add your homepage to the navigation

If you choose to add your homepage to your navigation menu, you'll see 'Home' listed as one of the page options.

You may want to make this decision based on how many other primary pages you'll have in your navigation bar; if you have more than 5 main pages, it might be better to leave this one off. Visitors will still be able to get back to your homepage by clicking on your logo.

Example of a website without 'Home' in the navigation bar:

Write your SEO meta description

The SEO description on your homepage is really important for two reasons:

  1. It helps Google understand what your website is all about, so that the search engine can deliver good results.
  2. The SEO description also serves as the short description that people see of your website when they're looking through search results. You can see artcloud's SEO description below:

How do you write a good SEO description?

  1. Keep is short. Google cuts off the description in search results, so a best practice is to keep your description shorter than 300 characters, though there's no need to make it that long. SEO experts from Moz recommend experimenting with different descriptions and lengths.
  2. Make it useful and specific. One of the main purposes of the SEO description is to help visitors find the right sites and generate enough interest to click on your page. You'll want to give visitors an idea of what kind of gallery you are and the type of artwork they can expect to see there. Following these guidelines also helps Google correctly place your site in people's search results.

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